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  • Palestine News Agency Launched

    Palestine is to have its own news agency. The “Palestine Telegraphic Agency” which proposes to provide a general news gathering service for the Holy Land has been officially registered by the government. The founders of the organization which will start with a capital of £3,000 are Meyer Grossman, of London, and Jacob Landau, of New… More ▸

  • Nansen Continues Food Draft Service

    A statement has been issued by the New York headquarters of the Nansen Relief Commission declaring that the Commission will continue its Food Draft Service to Russia in order to meet the urgent need for same there. The reports that the Nansen Commission and the ARA were dismantling the emergency free food distribution apparatus and… More ▸

  • Is Morgenthau Interested in Anti-semitic Book Publisher? Untermyer Queries

    Leading Jews and non-Jews take the publishing firm of Doubleday, Page and Uo. to task in the current issue of the “Jewish Tribune” for publishing in a book form the anti-Jewish articles of Burton J. Hendricks, previously run in a serial form in the “World’s Work”. Particular objection is taken to the jacket of the… More ▸

  • Hungarian Government Breaks with Terrorists

    A definite split has taken place between the government and the militant anti Jewish elements in Hungary. Fourteen leading members of the Awakening Magyars and five members of the “Petofi Guard” have been arrested, having conspired to overthrow the government and to establish a Fascisti dictatorship. The prisoners have made admissions which incriminate several highly… More ▸

  • Declines to Succeed Dr. Krauskopf at National Farm School

    Harry B. Hirsch, vice president of the National Farm School, was unanimously nominated to succeed Dr. Joseph Krauskopf as president of the school at a special meeting of the board of directors held last week following the death of the founder of the institution. Mr. Hirsch pleaded the withdrawal of the nomination, insisting it would… More ▸

  • Jewish Institute Begins Summer Session

    The first summer session of the Jewish Institute for Religion opened July 5. The courses are said to be designed to meet the needs of rabbis who in their own community have little opportunity for systematic sccholarly work and “may wish to spend a part of the summer vacation in equipping themselves for a wider… More ▸

  • Four Million Russian Children Need Food, Care, President Kalinin States

    Russia is still in acute need of child relief work and the liquidation of many foreign agencies of their services will bring the Soviets face to face with any army of over five million children, either homeless or hungry or both. A statement to this effect has been received by the Nansen Relief Mission here… More ▸

  • First English Translation of Maimonides’ “mishne Torah”

    Rabbi Simon Glazer of this city has translated Maimonides’ Mishne Torah into English, which will be published by the Hebrew Publishing Company of New York. The first two books will be published in one volume, and altogether there will be five volumes to complete the translation. The work will contain the Hebrew text of Maimonides… More ▸

  • Equality in Hungary Does Not Apply in Universities

    The government has issued its new regulations regarding the rights of minorities. The regulations provide that every citizen, without regard to race, religion or language is entitled to all political rights. The right of all to employ their “mother tongue” in private or public affairs is guaranteed and the privilege of instruction in public schools… More ▸

  • Jersey Jews Win School Protest

    Protests from Jews throughout the State to change the entrance examinations for the State Normal Schools from Saturdays to Mondays, resulted today in favorable action by the State Board of Education. The next examination will be held Monday Dec. 3 and will be followed by one on June 2, next. More ▸