Yom Kippur Proclaimed Legal Rest Day in Tunis
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Yom Kippur Proclaimed Legal Rest Day in Tunis

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency Mail Service)

The French Protectorate Government of Tunis has issued a decree proclaiming Yom Kippur a legal rest day.

“We, Mohammen El Habib, Pasha Bey, holder of the Kingdom of Tunis,” the decree reads, “on the proposition of our Director-General of Agriculture, of Commerce and of Colonization and the submission by our Prime Minister have adopted the following decree:-

“No payment of any kind, bill of exchange, post office order, cheque, current account, fund or coupon bonds deposited or otherwise, can be required, nor any protest submitted during the Jewish feast day of Yom Kippur.”

The decree was received with great satisfaction by the Jewish population of Tunis. The non-Jewish Press comments very sympathetically regarding.