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Alumni Yom Kippur Call Urges Greater Support for Hebrew Union College

(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Hebrew Union College are not receiving the support needed for their maintenance, according to a call issued by the Alumni Association of the College which will be read in Reform synagogues during the memorial services on Yom Kippur.

The message was issued by Rabbi Morris M. Feuerlicht, president of the association and all members of the alumni will read it before their congregations.

“The Jews of America are to be congratulated for the dignified and elegant manner in which they have provided for the housing of their temples and educational centers. This is one of the distinctions of American Judaism,” the message reads.

“It must be pointed out however that the same solicitude has not been shown for the national religious institutions which furnish the guidance and direction to the Reform movement. The Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Hebrew Union College are not receiving the support needed for their maintenance.

“A great movement is to be set on foot in the near future to bring home to every Reform Jew in America the necessity and value of the Hebrew Union College and the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. These are the well-springs of our religion in America.

“In November of this year there will be a tour of the United States by a committee under the leadership of that incomparable Jew. David A. Brown. In 279 congregations throughout the land there will be mass meetings to consider the survival of Judaism, to consider the part that Reform Judaism is to play in the drama of Jewish history which we are enacting in America. A meeting will be arranged in this city. Every one of you is urged to come and participate.

“Our congregation is a member of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. We have been supporters in some slight measure of this our raiding institution. But our support thus far has been inadequate to its needs. The Union faces a deficit of $100,000 for this year alone.

“You will be called upon not only for your presence and your vote of confidence but for your actual support, each man to the degree of his ability. When the call comes do not neglect it. Do not class it with the many calls for money, Undoubtedly they are all good. They are all wrothy but this is most pressing and necessary. Your response to the call of Ed## will bring refinement to many ## to charity will keep ## will keep you yourself destruction,” the message concludes.