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Case Called on Yom Kippur Because Name Was ‘smith’

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

That there is a disadvantage for Jews having non-Jewish names was proven in the case of M. Smith, a Jewish citizen of Shoreditch County.

Mr. Smith has a case pending in court. The trial was scheduled to be held on Thursday. October 6. Upon learning this. Mr. Smith appealed to the judge that he cannot appear because of the fact that his case was scheduled for Yom Kippur when he will have to be in the synagogue.

Judge Clure, in granting the petition of Mr. Smith, stated that it was not his faul that the case was scheduled for Yom Kippur. “The name Smith is not found in the Old Testament. If I had known Mr. Smith was a Jew I would not have called the case for Yom Kippur,” the judge stated.