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Disturbed Passover Feared by Vienna Jews Because of Return of All “quiet” Talkie in Cinema Situated

Fears of disturbed Passover have been roused in the minds of the Jews of Vienna by the announcement that the “All Quiet” talkie which was withdrawn in January after continuous antisemitic disturbances, is to be presented again during next week in the Sweden Cinema, which is situated in the Jewish quarter.

The authorities claim that they are in a position this time to put down any demonstrations that may be attempted. The American Minister in Vienna, Mr. Stockton, has intervened, it is stated, with Dr. Schober, who assured him that the Government has full control of the situation, and that the film can be produced without any fear of trouble.

When “All Quiet” was banned in Vienna in January, the prohibition order was issued on a Friday, and the Jews of the city had been filled with anxiety that if it continued to play, they would have a disturbed Sabbath, and would not be able to venture into the streets to go to synagogue. An appeal was made to the authorities on this account, just before the film was withdrawn, asking them to have it transferred from the Jewish quarter where it was playing, to some other part of the city.