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Clash Between Rival Parties in Jewish Community in Polish Town Leads to Arrests on Eve of Yom Kippur

A clash between the supporters of the Administration of the Jewish Community of the township of Pabianice, near Lodz, and dissenters, led to several arrests to-day on both sides, when the police intervened to separate the two parties. The trouble was brought about when a group of about 100 Jews in Pabianice, who were deprived of their vote in the last communal elections by the application of paragraph 20 of the Jewish Community Law, brought down a ritual slaughterer of their own to kill their poultry on the eve of Yom Kippur, thus depriving the official community of revenue.

The supporters of the Jewish Communal Administration, which is in Agudist control, tried to prevent the new Shochet doing his work, and some serious fighting ensued in which the windows in the Jewish Community Building were smashed. All the prisoners were released after they appeared in the police court.