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Trial of Hitlerist Ringleaders of Rosh Hashanah Outbreak in Berlin Again Adjourned: Successful Hitle

The objection lodged by the Counsel for Count Helldorf and the other prisoners charged with having organised and directed the anti-Jewish excesses which took place in Berlin on Rosh Hashanah, against Dr. Schmitz, the presiding judge, on the ground that his wife is a Jewess, has been sustained by the court.

The trial has consequently been adjourned, until a new court is constituted, and has had time to acquaint itself with all the material in the case.

Millions of Germans hold the opinion that in this trial there are two opposing worlds confronting each other, and the presiding judge is not impartial, Dr. Freisler, one of the Counsel for the Defence, declared in court when the case was opened on Friday. The clash in the Berlin streets, he said, was part of the war of the German people against an alien race. It has become known to us that the presiding judge is related to this alien race, and we object to having the case tried by a judge who is a partisan in the matter. We demand, therefore, that Dr. Schmitz should retire from the case.