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Nazi Organ Publishes Forged Document by Non-existent Body Alleging Jews Pro-soviet

A forged document, allegedly revealing the sympathy of the Jews toward the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, is published today by the “Voelkischer Beobachter,” Nazi organ.

“In remuneration for this sympathy, we will soon give the Jews a little journey eastward,” states the Nazi organ.

The forged document, allegedly a secret document, carries the Soviet emblem and is signed by a non-existent Jewish organization called “Judische Glaubensgemeinschaft Deutschlands.”

At the same time the paper attempts to create the impression that a number of Soviet Commissars are Jews and that the Jews rule Russia.

The forged document allegedly is an appeal by the non-existent organization to German Jews to support the Communists, and the paper quotes it as declaring: “The Jewish sympathies are with the Communists with the Soviet state where the Jews enjoy full power.”