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Yom Kippur Passes Without Incident in Palestine, Germany and Austria

Thousands of Jews attended Yom Kippur services at the Wailing Wall which passed off without incident.

A Revisionist from Poland, Shloma Neiman, however, was arrested at the Wailing Wall when he attempted to blow the Shofar after Neilah, which marked the conclusion of the services.

Neiman was placed under arrest because this is contrary to the regulations obtaining at the Wailing Wall. He was released on bail following intervention by Chief Rabbi A. I. Kook. The Shofar was confiscated.

Following Neiman’s arrest a group of Revisionists fell upon Rabbi Isaac Corenstein, religious supervisor at the Wailing Wall Yom Kippur services, charging that he had pointed out Neiman to the police. directly, but Jews were compelled to flee from the Praterstrasse because of clashes between Nazis and Socialists.