Philadelphia Women Pledge Anti-nazi Boycott Aid
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Philadelphia Women Pledge Anti-nazi Boycott Aid

Following an address by Mrs. Stephen S. Wise, president of the Women’s Division of the American Jewish Congress, 2,000 women pledged to dedicate themseves to further the boycott of German merchandise in this city, at a meeting held under the auspices of the Women’s Philadelphia Council of the American Jewish Congress, at the Arch Street Theatre.

Mrs. Wise described conditions of the Jewish refugees in countries adjoining Germany as she observed them during the summer when on a trip with her husband. She stressed the hopelessness of the Jewish youth in Germany and told of the efforts of the American Jewish Congress to bring some children to this country. She characterized the boycott as the only weapon the Jews possessed to ameliorate conditions in Germany.

Abraham Goldberg, Zionist leader, asserted that the attitude of the Nazis may be interpreted as a declaration of war against world Jewry.

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