Polish Jews Beaten by Mob in Lodz City; Prague Rabbi Injured
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Polish Jews Beaten by Mob in Lodz City; Prague Rabbi Injured

Jews were attacked here this afternoon on the main streets of the city by hooligans. About a dozen Jews were beaten. The police intervened, but the hooligans escaped.

Disturbances caused by “Endek” students, members of the nationalist anti-Semitic political group, the National Democrats, have also occurred in Warsaw several times in the last few days. A number of Jewish shops were invaded by the “Endeks” stench bombs were thrown into the stores and a quantity of goods were destroyed by the use of chemicals.

A brutal attack was made on the Czechoslovakian Rabbi, Zvi Mendelsohn of Prague. Rabbi Mendelsohn was gravely injured.

The disturbances, it is thought, are connected with the differences known to exist between the Polish Minister of Education and the “Endek” students. The Minister demands a revision of the statutes of student corporations, and the omission of the Aryan clause, which would exclude Jews entirely, while the students insist on the retention of the Aryan clause.

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