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Missouri Man Asks Bulletin to Aid Search for His Mother

A thirty-six year old resident of Kansas City, Mo., has submitted to the Jewish Daily Bulletin an unusual request—

“Please help me find my mother!”

The request is in the form of a detailed letter, explaining that the writer had not seen his mother in more than thirty years and giving the circumstances under which he lost sight of her.

Has anyone seen, or does anyone know, the former Mrs. William Klugman (Jewish name Barrel Kleigman) ?

“I am certain,” writes Joseph Hirsch Klugman of 3742 Wayne avenue, Kansas City, Mo., “that in the City of New York there is someone who has known her or known of her, who could help me. Would you be so kind as to publish this in your newspaper? Please answer. Enclosed find self-addressed envelope for your convenience.”

That’s in the tail end of the letter. In the beginning of it, Mr. Klugman gives the following detailed information as to fortunes of his family that led to the separation from his mother:

“I have not seen my mother in over thirty years and I am appealing to you through your newspaper to help me find her. My name is Joseph Hirsch Klugman. I am thirty-six years old and have been in the United States nearly thirty years.

“My father’s name is William Klugman (Jewish name, Barrel Kleigman), who was a blacksmith in the town of Komanatcha, Russia. During his period of military training he was stationed in the city of Kursk, Russia, in 1897, where he met and married my mother, whose first name is Leila (don’t know her last name). My mother worked for a candy manufacturer by the name of Carp, in Kursk. I was born in 1898 in Komanatcha at the home of my father’s parents, Jacob Kleigman, who was also a blacksmith. My father divorced my mother in 1898 in Komanatcha, and married a Miss Havad Gotlinsky from Nikolive, Russia.


“During the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese war, my father came to America, and I remained in Russia with my grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kleigman. A few years later my father sent for my stepmother and asked her to bring me along to America. About all I am able to learn of my mother’s relatives is that she had a sister who married a sheet metal worker whose first name is Manuel (Mandel) and who was in New York City when last heard of, about twelve years ago.

This is all the information that I have, and I am certain that in the City of New York there is someone who has known her or known of her, who could help me. Please answer. Enclosed find self-addressed envelope for your convenience. Awaiting your reply, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

(signed) Joseph Hirsch Klugman,

3742 Wayne Ave.,

Kansas City, Mo.