Aid for German Jewry Asked in Passover Sermons
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Aid for German Jewry Asked in Passover Sermons

Jews throughout the world were urged in Passover sermons to come to the aid of German Jews on whose behalf a world-wide campaign for $15,000,000 to be used in expatriating 100,000 of them in four years is being conducted.

Sir Herbert Samuel, chairman of the Council for German Jewry, sounded the keynote of the appeal in an address at the New West End Synagogue in which he described German Jewry’s plight.

“It is true,” Sir Herbert said, “that they have not been sent out into the wilderness, but that the wilderness has been brought in upon them. The moral and social wilderness is around them.”

Sir Herbert paid tribute to the contributions made by German-Jewish refugees to the countries in which they have settled. Speaking of Palestine, of which he was the first High Commissioner, he declared that when it is economically and agriculturally developed, the country will be able to support three times its present Jewish population (now estimated at 375,000). He said that such an increase in the Jewish population would prove beneficial rather than detrimental to the Arabs.

Sir Herbert concluded with an appeal to the Jews of the world to unite to meet a great emergency by powerful, constructive action.