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So. African Nationalists Win 26 Seats, Gain of 6; United Party Gets Big Majority

With Wednesday’s general election results reported from all but one district, prime minister J.B.M. Hertzog’s United Party today held III seats in the South African lower house, representing a majority of 73 over the combined strength of the nationalists, dominion party, laborites and socialists.

The Nationalists led the minority with 26. The Dominion and Labor parties trailed with 8 and three, respectively. One socialist was returned.

The Nationalists, led by Dr. D.F. Malan, whose program has a “racialist” anti-monarchical trend, made a strong spurt in the latest returns. Compared with the last previous results, the Malanites won eight more seats, with an advance of only five for the Government party, giving the Nationalists six more seats then they hold in the present legislature.

Eric Louw, Nationalist and former minister to Paris, was returned from the Beanfort West District. Three Independents lost their seats.