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  • Berenger Urges Refugee Talks with Reich on Strength of Munich Pact

    Negotiations with the German Government to solve the refugee problem, aggravated by the exodus from Sudetenland, were asked today by senator Henri Berenger, French vice-chairman of the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee, in a letter to Foreign Minister Georges Bonnet. M. Berenger, who is head of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, urged that M. Bonnet follow up… More ▸

  • “fresh Miseries” for Jews Seen

    The New York Herald Tribune declared today, in an editorial on the prospects for the future following the Munich agreement:”undoubtedly the new world will mean fresh miseries for the harried Jews and for the many new minorities which are created with the excision of the old ones.” the editorial added that it might encourage the… More ▸

  • London Sees Atmosphere Favorable to Parley on Refugees

    The altered international situation was hailed today in circles connected with the intergovernmental refugee Committee as creating an atmosphere favorable to negotiations with the german government on the refugee situation. It was understood that the Rublee bureau is already communicating with leading members of the committee, stressing the possibilities of action furnished by the new… More ▸

  • Labor Committee Sends Funds

    The Jewish Labor Committee announced today that it had cabled a “substantial sum” for the relief of Socialists and labor leaders in Sudetenland, adding that it was seeking to raise additional funds. More ▸

  • Canadian League Body to Form Group to Aid Refugees

    Aid for the victims of “political persecution and unprovoked aggression” will be made a major feature of “national peace action week,” to be inaugurated in Canada on Nov. 6 by the Canadian League of Nations Society, it was announced here today by Senator Cairine Wilson, president. Senator Wilson in a statement condemned the “spread of… More ▸

  • Italian Jews Encounter Difficulties in Turkey

    Hundreds of Jews of Italian citizenship residing in Turkey are finding themselves in an awkward legal position because of the insistence of the police authorities that they present certificates from the italian consulate establishing that their citizenship was obtained before 1919 in order to secure renewal of residential permits. many Jews, unable to obtain such… More ▸

  • Hull Queried on Czech Refugees

    Asked today whether the Intergovernmental Refugee Committee would undertake to help refugees from the ceded Sudeten areas of Czechoslovakia, Secretary of State Cordell Hull replied that the settlement of refugee problems was entirely up to the committee itself. the committee, he said, will pass on new conditions as they arise. More ▸

  • Teachers Hit Rome Anti-semitism

    A resolution condemning dismissal of Jews from Italy’s educational system has been placed on the agenda of the november conference of the London Teachers’ Association, it was announced today by the organization’s general committee. the resolution condemns the “departure from the cosmopolitan outlook on learning and couture which in the past has always been associated… More ▸

  • 1.119 Jews Denationalized by Reich in 3 Months; 3,845 Lose Citizenship Since ’33

    Establishing a new record, the Reich authorities have deprive of citizenship 1,119 Jews in the three months ending sept. 30, it was announced today. Altogether, 3,845 Jews have been denationalized since the advent of the Nazi regime in 1933. Between January, 1933, and January, 1937, the denationalizations averaged 50 a month. From January to June,… More ▸

  • German Day Celebration Hit by Split over Nazism

    Last-minute bolts by participating groups and the failure of German official representatives to send greetings hit the German Day celebration of the United German Societies at the Madison Square Garden last night, in which the pro-Nazi German-American Bund had been refused participation, and emphasized the growing split among Germans in the United States on the… More ▸