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Dr. Weizmann Announces He Will Endeavor to Establish an American Hechalutz Movement

Dr. Chaim Weizmenn, president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, today announced that he intends to establish in the United States a movement for sending young pioneers to Palestine.

“It is not enough for American Jewry to supply only the means for the un-building of Palestine,” he said. “I shall soon proceed to the United States and will endeavor to establish there an American Hechalutz movement.”

Dr. Weizmann made this announcement during a visit to the Mishmar Ha’Emek settlement of the Hashomer Hatzair. “The most important thing for us is another tree, another dunam of land, and more people,” he declared, “The total of all these will give us a Jewish State.”

Visiting today the Jewish agricultural school at Pardess Chanah, Dr. Weizmann stated, “As a chemist, I am engaged in creating chemical syntheses. As president of the World Zionist Organization, I will try to synthesizes all groups within the Zionist movement.”