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Arab League is Grave Threat to Jewish Achievements in Palestine, Editor Says

The relation of the Arab League to Palestine was discussed here today by Gershon Agronsky, editor of the Palestine Post, at a luncheon tendered him by the United Palestine Appeal at the Biltmore Hotel, presided over by Sylvan Gotshal, chairman of the U. P. A. in New York.

The Arab states, Mr. Agronsky said, united not for any positive objective, but for the destructive purpose of preventing further Jewish development and reconstruction. The organized attempt on the part of the Arab states to drive all European influence out of the Middle East constitutes “a grave threat to everything that has been built up in the Jewish homeland by the sweat, the toil, the sacrifice and the indomitable idealism of the Jewish settlers,” he declared. He emphasized, however, that no political crisis or combination of Arab states would deflect the Jews from their purpose of rebuilding the Jewish National Home in Palestine.