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Rumanian Jews Protest to British Mission in Bucharest Against Bevin’s Statement

British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin’s statement on Palestine shocked the entire Jewish population of Rumania, among whom are about 100,000 persons registered for emigration to Palestine.

The Chief Rabbi of Rumania and representatives of Jewish organizations submitted protests to the British mission in Bucharest and sent messages to the British Government expressing their support of Zionism and their solidarity with the Jewish community of Palestine.

At meetings of Jewish communities all over the country representatives of Zionist, orthodox and Communist organizations voiced their protest. A meeting here adopted a resolution stating that “Rumanian Jewry, as one of the principal victims of Hitlerism, is interested in the restoration of a Jewish state in Palestine and joins with world Jewry in demanding free immigration into a Jewish state.” Speakers also demanded severe punishment of the instigators of the pogroms in Egypt and Tripolitania.