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Chinese Foreign Ministry Denies Report It Plans Expulsion of Some German-jewish Refugees

The Shanghai section of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs today denied any knowledge of a report published by the semi-official Central News Agency that 200 “pro-Nazi Jews” have been notified by the German Affairs Commission of the Shanghai municipal government to leave the city. The Commission has also denied issuing such a statement.

The news agency dispatch also said that among the German Jews here with American visas there are 200 with police records. It said that it is not known whether they will be allowed to depart, but added that it would be advisable to allow them to leave as they have engaged in illegal activities which were detrimental to China.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that no instructions have been received to deport any German Jews. Registration of German Jewish refugees who wish to remain in China is continuing, he said. It is thought here that the report is a pro-Nazi maneuver in connection with expulsion of Nazi Germans from China this month.