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Israel Denies Reports of Fighting in Negev; Sternists Resume Broadcasts, Threaten Govt.

The United Nations headquarters in Haifa last night announced that, after a two-day lull, fighting in the Faluja area has begun again with both the Jews and the Egyptians using infantry and aircraft in sporadic attacks.

At the same time, U.N. headquarters made public an Egyptian complaint that a vessel named the Texas City and flying the Panamanian flag was allegedly en route to Israel with a shipment of war materiel. The U.N. staff said the movements of such a ship have not been traced. An Israeli spokesman here denied both the reports of fighting in the south and the existence of such a “phantom ship.”

Police radio cars were yesterday busy chasing through the streets of Tel Aviv in an attempt to locate an illegal Sternist transmitter which began broadcasting yesterday. The first broadcast warned the government to restore the dissident group’s legality or the Sternists will fight the government with “all means” at their disposal.

The Irgun-sponsored Freedom Movement, meanwhile, issued a statement attacking the “provisional and unelected government” for making concessions to the United Nations and for having withdrawn its troops from the Negev. The statement also called for immediate elections.