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U.N. Commission Seeks Details from Israel on Proposed Direct Arab-israel Peace Talks

The U.N. Palestine Conciliation Commission today delivered its reply to Israel’s demand for direct negotiations with the Arab states on the Palestine question. The Commission said that it had asked the Tel Aviv Government for clarification of the demand. Meanwhile, the Commission indicated it will “pursue its task in collaboration with both sides.”

The Commission also turned over to U.N. Secretary-General Trygve Lie today the first report of the Middle East Economic Survey Mission to the Commission. It is expected that the report will be made public shortly. At the same time, the Commission handed to Mr. Lie a declaration on the protection of the Holy Places in Palestine, outside of Jerusalem.

Israel’s representative to the U.N., Aubrey S. Eban, declared in a broadcast today that if the big power resolutions in the Political Committee condemning aggression are adopted they will be binding upon the Arab states with respect to Israel.

Asked if Israel is demobilizing its forces, Mr. Eban replied that there has been some reduction of forces thanks to the armistice agreements. He warned, however, that the armies of both sides are still facing each other, with Arab propaganda still talking of a “second round.” As long as this condition exists, MR. Eban added, Israel would be “unrealistic” to relax its vigilance.