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U.J.A. Issues Urgent Appeal for Cash Contributions on Occasion of Chanukah Festival

An urgent appeal to the Jewish communities of the United States to mark the forthcoming celebration of Chanukah, which begins on Thursday evening, Dec. 15, with an intensified cash campaign in behalf of the “modern Maccabbeans” in Israel was made here this week-end by Henry Morgenthau Jr., general chairman of the United Jewish Appeal.

Mr. Morgenthau said that “as we approach the launching of the 1950 drive in behalf of the United Jewish Appeal, I appeal to the Jewish communities of the United States to make available all possible cash so that we may bring light and freedom to those who seek a hems of their own on the land which their forefathers made holy through sacrifice and devotion.” He pointed out that “this year, as we celebrate the Festival of Lights, the situation in Israel is strikingly similar to that which existed shortly after the first Chanukah 2,100 years ago. The people of Israel are seeking to develop the free institution of their new democracy. They are engaged in a desperate battle against time, to build their state and make it strong, so that never again will it be menaced by aggression.”