U.S. Policy on Military Aid to Arabs Denounced by Israel
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U.S. Policy on Military Aid to Arabs Denounced by Israel

Israel Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett denounced the United States policy of preferential arming of the Arab States today as deceptive in general and dangerous to Israel specifically.

Replying in Parliament to a demand by the right-wing Herut party for debate on the American arms policy, Mr. Sharett declared that the Foreign Office had expressed its opposition in writing and through oral representations to the State Department against any supply of arms by the United States to the Arab nations so long as they refuse to make peace with Israel.

Under the Mutual Security Act passed by Congress earlier this week, the sum of $30,000,000 was provided to be applied at the discretion of President Eisenhower in the supply of military aid to the Arab States and Israel. The State Department has made it known that the Arab States would receive eighty percent of this as against twenty percent for Israel.

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