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President’s Body on Bias in Employment Gets Few Jewish Complaints

Only 12 persons of the Jewish faith filed complaints of discrimination in Federal employment over an 18-month period reported today by the President’s Committee on Government Employment Policy.

Jewish complaints were but five percent of the total recorded, while Negro complaints totalled 85.7 percent. The complaints pertained mostly to denial of promotion, separation, and failure of appointment.

The Presidential committee reported that racial discrimination in Government employment has been reduced, but some major problems remained to be solved. One problem is to identify discrimination whenever it occurs. Another is to remove improper conditions and practices which foster discrimination. A third is to determine whether situations in which minority group members are conspicuously absent are due to lack of qualified applicants or to discrimination.

The committee helps government departments and Federal agencies enforce the anti-discrimination policies of the Government. Nearly 3,000 top Federal administrators in 27 cities participated in conferences aimed at implementing the non-discrimination policy, according to the report.