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42,000 Needy News in 10 Countries Provided with Matzot by J.D.C.

Completion of a shipment of 117 tons of matzot to 10 European countries will assure proper observance of Passover for 42,000 needy Jews, it was announced here by Charles Jordan, overseas director of the Joint Distribution Committee.

Distribution has been completed in Albania, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greace, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Yugoslavia. In Poland, Israel and in several Moslem countries, special grants have been made to needy Jews for the purchase of matzot baked locally. Smaller shipments have also been made from the administrative headquarters of the JDC in New York to the Dominican Republic, the Philippines and other lands.

In addition to 234,000 pounds of the matzot, the JDC also distributed 67,000 pounds of matzot meal, some 2,000 pounds of cooking fats and 3,200 bottles of ritual wine.