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France Lifts Curbs on Israel Export; Signs New Trade Agreement for 1962

France lifted today all existing curbs on the flow of Israel industrial exports to that country and undertook to buy more Israeli oranges during 1962.

The commitments were embodied in a new 1962 trade pact between the two countries which was signed today. France will buy in 1962 25,000 tons of oranges compared with 10,000 last year. Other categories of Israel farm products to France also will be treater under terms of the new pact which will enable Israel to rectify substantially is current imbalance of trade with France.

During the past year France exported to Israel $42,000,000 worth of products while buying only $4,000,000 worth of Israeli products. The communique announcing the new pact said that France as in the past will be able to sell products in Israel without any limitation. A number of additional farm products have been added to the list of such Israeli foods sold to France.