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President of J. N. F. of America Deplores Lack of Unity in U.S. Jewry

The lack of unity on the part of American Jewry in the face of renewed threats against Israel’s security was deplored here last night by Max Bressler, president of the Jewish National Fund of America. He spoke before a gathering of 1, 500 persons attending the JNF’s annual Shevuoth celebration.

“Even the threat of Israel’s destruction, pronounced only recently by President Nasser of Egypt and supported by Soviet Premier Khrushchev,” said Mr. Bressler, “has not galvanized American Jews into a single authoritative Jewish body that would speak out on behalf of the Jewish Homeland and its security.” He said Israel is “in deadly jeopardy.” “All of us,” he stated, “must sound the alarm and awaken our present leaders and followers from the coma of inactivity, so that we may initiate immediate, concerted and effective action.”