100 Television Stations Through U.S. to Carry Passover Documentary
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100 Television Stations Through U.S. to Carry Passover Documentary

A special full-hour, Passover television program, entitled “Let My People Go,” will be broadcast next week on various nights, on 100 TV stations around the country, it was announced here today. Created by the Xerox Corporation, the program will be show on three stations simultaneously in Los Angeles next Wednesday, and on three stations in New York, on Thursday night. Other stations around the country will broadcast the programs on various nights between Saturday and Thursday.

Subtitled as a documentary on the struggle of the Jewish people for a homeland, the show will contain some films, never before seen in public, from captured film archives of Germany and some of the Arab countries. Among the footage will be also films taken inside the Warsaw Ghetto and inside some of the Nazi death camps during World War II.

Other major cities where the program will be broadcast, the nights and channels, are: St. Louis, Saturday night, 5; Chicago, Wednesday, 9; Miami, Wednesday, 4; Baltimore, Thursday, 11; Boston, Tuesday, 5; San Francisco, Wednesday, 2; Spokane, Wash., Monday, 2. The stations for Los Angeles, next Thursday, will be Channels 5, 11 and 13. The show, a David Wolper production, was written and produced by Marshall Flaum.

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