‘large Measure’ of Agreement Reached at German-israel Talks on Aid
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‘large Measure’ of Agreement Reached at German-israel Talks on Aid

Informed sources reported here today that a “large measure” of agreement was reached by negotiators in the talks yesterday on West German economic aid to Israel. Optimism was expressed that an agreement would finally be signed by the end of this week.

According to the sources, the amount of aid to be given in the current year is limited by West Germany’s budgetary curtailment law but the agreement will include a statement of West German intent to give aid in the future. The agreement will contain classes on the principles for aid grants and the conditions under which it is to be made available.

The sources said that the expected agreement will not include any technical aid because the conditions under which West Germany was ready to provide such aid rendered it unacceptable to Israel. There will not be any secret clauses in the pact. The terms of the agreement will be published in full in German and in Hebrew. It will be signed by Ambassador Asher Ben-Nathan for Israel and by State Secretary Rolf Lahr for the West German Government.

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