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Independent Liberals Cut Ties with World Union of General Zionists

The Independent Liberal Party has cut its ties with the World Union of General Zionists within the World Zionist Organization and will henceforth act as an independent group in the WZO it was announced. The party leaders are Pinhas Rosen and Moshe Kol, the latter Minister of Tourism in the Eshkol Cabinet.

The Independent Liberal Party was created when the original Libwral Party split. one faction affiliating itself with Herut Party to form the Gahal alignment in the Knesset (Parliament) and Cabinet. The Independents had affiliated themselves within the WZO with the World Union of General Zionists headed by Dr. Emanuel Neumann, of New York. The Union itself was the result of a split within the World Confederation of General Zionists, a body now headed by Dr. Israel Goldstein, of Jerusalem and Mrs. Rose Halprin, of New York. The Independent Liberals are not represented on the new Zionist Executive that emerged from the 27th World Zionist Congress last month. But they said they would continue to cooperate with Hanoar Hatzioni, the General Zionist youth movement. The Liberal branch that forms part of Gahal is on the Executive and will continue its affiliation with the World Union of General Zionists.