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Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Says Israel Hurts Jarring Mission, Defends Palestinians

Deputy Foreign Minister Jozef Winiewicz of Poland charged Israel today with hampering the peace-seeking mission of the United Nations envoy. Dr. Gunnar V. Jarring, and expressed support for the “Palestinian underground fighters.” Speaking in the General Assembly, Mr. Winiewicz claimed that Israel’s Foreign Minister Abba Eban had issued an “ultimatum” in his speech before the Assembly Oct. 8, which does not “facilitate the mission carried out laboriously and with praiseworthy restraint by Ambassador Jarring.” He said the UN should not “tolerate a persistent and cruel persecution of the Palestinian underground fighters, entitled to continue the struggle for the cause of their motherland as long as a state of war exists.” Spain’s Foreign Minister, Fernando Maria Castiella, said the Middle East crisis demonstrated the importance of the UN in resolving a dispute. “One member of the UN last year committed aggression against several other members and continues to occupy their territories,” he said, adding that his Government supports the Arab states.