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El Fatah Sends Passover Parcel to Rosenwasser Family; Parcel Refused by Israeli Officer

El Fatah, the Arab guerrilla organization, attempted to send a Passover gift parcel to the family of Shmuel Rosenwasser, of Metullah, an Israeli kidnapped by guerrillas last New Year’s Eve, and held captive in Jordan. An Israeli officer at a border post refused to accept the parcel from a United Nations officer who delivered it on behalf of El Fatah. Israelis dismiss the gesture as a publicity stunt intended to improve El Fatah’s image. The parcel contained some clothes for Rosenwasser’s wife and daughter according to the newspaper Yediot Achronot which reported the incident. According to reliable sources Rosenwasser, 50, has been well treated by his captors who are trying to persuade him to return to Hungary, the country from which he originally emigrated to Israel. According to reports published here last month, El Fatah said it would “deport” Rosenwasser to Hungary, a move symbolic of what it would do to all immigrant Jews if it ever defeated Israel.