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Israeli Jets Attack Egyptian Positions: Syrians Mistakenly Kill Own Soldiers

Israel Air Force jets attacked Egyptian positions in the Suez Canal zone intermittently for several hours today and returned safely to their bases. The targets were artillery and mortar emplacements, infantry positions, fortifications, bunkers and entrenchments. An Israeli soldier and a civilian were wounded by Egyptian gunfire in the canal zone today. Israel Air Force jets attacked Egyptian military positions in the southern section of the Suez Canal zone intermittently throughout the night and returned safely to their bases. An Israeli soldier was wounded by Jordanian gunfire near Kfar Ruppin in the Jordan Valley last night. Several mortar shells were fired at Kfar Yo-vel in Upper Galilee from Lebanese territory early today. Katyusha rockets were fired in the vicinity of Kfar Blum last night. There were no casualties or damage in either incident. Four Gaza residents were wounded by a hand grenade that exploded in the Gaza market place early this morning. The bodies of two Syrian soldiers were found in a burnt-out armored personnel carrier destroyed by Israeli gunfire during last Friday’s fighting. Bazookas and other weapons were found on the bodies. Syrian soldiers were seen this morning clearing away the rubble of fortifications destroyed by Israeli forces. Syrian artillery shelled their own positions on their side of the cease-fire line yesterday in the mistaken belief that the fortifications were still occupied by Israeli troops. The Israelis withdrew Friday and the positions had been re-occupied by Syrian soldiers, a large number of whom were believed to have been killed by their own shells.