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Drivers Urged to Keep Lights on During Purim for Soviet Jews Who Live in Darkness

In an attempt to “make this lively little holiday come alive,” the rabbis of Yonkers, N.Y., are urging Americans, both Jews and non-Jews, to keep their automobile lights on during next Wednesday’s Fast of Esther “for those who dwell in darkness” –Soviet Jews–Rabbi Harry Bolensky of Midchester Temple told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency today. The Orthodox rabbi explained: “Purim is the natural vehicle for this type of thing. Purim is not just the story of Haman. The Talmud understood that anti-Semitism would be a continuous phenomenon.” Rabbi Bolensky said the idea for the lights-on demonstration had been suggested by a member of his congregation, Dr. Leonard Solon, a nuclear physicist and pioneer in laser development. Also next Wednesday, Yonkers children will solicit money for the relief of Soviet Jews and will participate in a poster contest geared to the issue of Soviet Jews’ rights.