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Katzir Issues Rosh Hashanah Message

President Ephraim Katzir, in a Rosh Hashanah message to the Jews of the world, said that following a year of attacks against Israel as well as such triumphs as the Entebbe rescue, “Israel and Jews abroad have drawn even closer to each other, more aware of the values we share and of the central importance of Jewish education.”

Katzir said despite the pressure and strains on Israel, “There is a new maturity in Jewish life throughout the world. There is a new sobriety in Israel’s economic measures, difficult for each citizen as they are. There is a new emphasis on measures to close the social gap and to blend the cultural contributions of the various elements of its population.”

The President also noted that the Middle East is less tense with the suspension of military hostilities between Egypt and Israel as the result of the Sinai agreement and the good fence along Israel’s border with Lebanon.