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Ajcongress Group Supports Anti-terrorist Bill

Seven leaders of Pennsylvania’s American Jewish Congress voiced support today to Sen. John Heinz (R. Pa.) for his legislative proposal that would require the President to suspend economic and military assistance to nations that “willfully aid or abet international terrorism.”

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold hearings on anti-terrorism proposals June 29-30. In the latest development regarding terrorism, the government of Libya has indicated it would like a rapprochement with the U.S. Libya was recently named by the State Department as one of four nations that has supported terrorists.

Heinz told the AJCongress group which visited him at the Capitol that he will vote to ratify the Genocide Convention that requires Senate approval as a treaty and will vote for cloture in the event of a filibuster to prevent enactment of the measure that the U.S. approved in the United Nations but has never been ratified by the Senate. The visitors were Sanford Weinreb, executive director of the Pennsylvania region of the AJCongress, and six leaders of its Greater Philadelphia Women’s Division of which Charlotte Miller is president. Sandra Gold heads its subcommittee against terrorism.