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U.K. Muslim school probed over books

A Muslim school in London is being investigated following the discovery of anti-Semitic passages in textbooks. The government-funded King Fahad Academy in West London, which caters to the U.K.’s Saudi Arabian, Arab and Muslim communities, is under investigation by Britain’s Education Department after an unfair-dismissal employment tribunal revealed inflammatory passages from textbooks, including statements that Jews were cursed by God and others comparing Jews and Christians to monkeys and pigs. One exercise asked pupils to give examples of “worthless religions such as Judaism, Christianity, idol worship and others.” The school principal, Sumaya Alyusuf, said the books had some “good chapters that could be used by teachers,” and offered to rip the controversial pages out of the books. The employee who was the subject of the tribunal that first aired the books’ contents was fired after he reported cheating during English-language examinations.