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  • Is Sarah Palin Jewish? UPDATED

    The short answer is, probably not. You might have seen the genealogies circulating on the net – here’s one – claiming she’s a descendant of one Schmuel Sheigam, a Lithuanian Jew. I’ve run the info past folks at the National Archives. A search of immigration records shows no Sheigam – or Sheeran, as the Ellis… More ▸

  • Unsolicited advice to the next president

    Both presidential candidates made the requisite references to Israel in their debate last night. As they ponder more thoughtful policies in the Middle East, here comes analyst Martin Kramer with some unsolicited advice: Focus on Iran and the Persian Gulf and don’t worry too much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. More ▸

  • Get me rewrite: New Israel question needed

    Israel popped up at the end of Tuesday night’s town hall-style debate, when one audience member asked: “If, despite your best diplomatic efforts, Iran attacks Israel, would you be willing to commit U.S. troops in support and defense of Israel? Or would you wait on approval from the U.N. Security Council?” With all due respect… More ▸

  • A few thoughts for Yom Kippur

    Some 63 percent of Israeli Jews plan to fast on Yom Kippur, according to a survey published in Ynet. If fasting merely makes us think about food, doesn’t this detract from the spiritual aspect of the day? Chabad offers an answer. There is no more fitting day than Yom Kippur to ask what is the… More ▸

  • We won’t let the UN stop us

    Both John McCain and Barack Obama said last night that they wouldn’t wait for the United Nations Security Council to give its approval before sending troops to Israel in the event of an attack by Iran. Here’s the transcript: Shirey: Senator, as a retired Navy chief, my thoughts are often with those who serve our… More ▸

  • CSIS on Iran

    The always sober Anthony Cordesman at the Center for Strategic and International Studies delivers a comprehensive, smart and scary report on Iran, its nuclear potential, what to do about it and what it means for Israel. Some of its conclusions: Iran’s nuclear program is continuing to improve and is becoming steadily more threatening. Because of… More ▸