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  • FHM rates sexiest Jewish women

    FHM magazine’s ranking of the 100 sexiest women in the world is out, and there are a whole bunch of Jewesses on them. More ▸

  • Mandy Patinkin lets loose

    Legendary performer Mandy Patinkin brought the passion — and the show tunes — to his recent speech for Americans for Peace Now. More ▸

  • Alicia Silverstone nixed the bris

    Actress and celebrity mom Alicia Silverstone explains why she didn’t circumcise her son. More ▸

  • Katy Perry, bar mitzvah DJ?

    Katy Perry has released a new promo video for her new single, “Birthday,” that features the singer as a mistress of disguise. Among other birthday-related professionals — an aged dancer named Goldie (for her “golden nuggets”) and a Craigslist birthday clown — Perry dresses as “Yosef Shulem,” a bar mitzvah DJ who has a penchant… More ▸