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Elsewhere: Sterling’s Jewish giving, Kerry was/wasn’t wrong, Conservative Jews and intermarriage

Sterling’s Jewish giving: The Clippers owner now banned from the NBA for his racist comments has made $10,000 gifts to several Jewish groups that are now condemning him and considering rejecting future donations. (L.A. Jewish Journal) 

Was Kerry wrong?: The secretary of state’s use of “apartheid” was impolitic, particularly given Israel’s complexities, but was not an inaccurate description of life in the West Bank, Jeffrey Goldberg writes. (Bloomberg)
Kerry was wrong: “‘Apartheid’ is probably the last word any fair observer could use to describe Israeli society,” writes Danny Danon. (Politico) 
Conservative Jews and intermarriage: Leaders of the Conservative movement are still struggling to strike a comfortable balance between welcoming the intermarried and their families and encouraging in-marriage. (CJ)
Saddam’s stolen Judaica: Which country has the right to the trove of Iraqi Jewish treasures confiscated first from the community and then from Saddam Hussein’s basement? (PBS NewsHour)