Tea light swastika found at Saint Louis University
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Tea light swastika found at Saint Louis University

(JTA) – A swastika made of tea lights was found outside a Saint Louis University dormitory.

The candles were spotted in the wee hours of April 23, according to police. Some students had reported seeing the candles before they were arranged into the shape of a swastika, according to a report in the Riverfront Times.

Police have no suspects on who rearranged the candles to resemble the Nazi insignia.

“It was really horrifying to see a burning swastika outside the building that I live in and realize that this is something that happens on my campus, in my home,” sophomore Sarah Nash told the Riverfront Times. “We wanted to get to the bottom of it so whoever did it would be talked to, would know it’s wrong.”

A statement from the university called such acts of intolerance unacceptable.

“A full investigation into this incident is being conducted by our Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards in conjunction with the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity, as well as the Department of Public Safety,” the university said. “At SLU, we’re committed to providing a caring, effective and uniform response to anyone who is affected by a bias incident.”