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JCC bomb threats ‘unacceptable,’ White House tells NBC News

JCC bomb threats ‘unacceptable,’ White House tells NBC News

"Hatred and hate-motivated violence of any kind have no place in a country founded on the promise of individual freedom," reads a statement from Sean Spicer.

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Bomb threats called in to at least 10 JCCs in fourth round of harassment

Mike Pence visits site of Nazi camp Dachau

Personal collection of Holocaust historian Yaffa Eliach dedicated at Yad Vashem

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United States

Jake Turx

Jewish journalist sticks up for Trump after being called a ‘liar’

Shouted down by the president while asking about rising anti-Semitism, Hasidic reporter Jake Turx later said Trump is rightly defensive with the media and misunderstood his query.

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Israel & Middle East

Jerusalem art school fosters design talent among students with disabilities

A 111-year old Israeli institution, the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design won a $50,000 prize for its work by and for those with disabilities.

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From the JTA Archives

Buchanan’s Strong Showing at Polls Causes Concern in Jewish Community

First Hebrew Book in Latin Characters Appears

God Tried and Found Guilty

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‘Holocaust tourism’ laid bare in eye-opening documentary

In "Austerlitz," filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa trains his lens on the thousands of tourists who visit former concentration camps — and the way they behave at these memorial sites.

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From 70 Faces Media

How Hungary’s Leading Anti-Semitic Politician Discovered His Jewish Roots

I’m a Rabbi & This Is Why I Wore a Hijab in a Mosque

Meet the Israeli Chef Now Contributing to the New York Times

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Life & Culture

Here’s how summer camps welcome their youngest charges

Transitioning from day camp to sleepaway camp can be challenging for first-timers — and their parents. Fortunately, Jewish camps are well prepared to handle any issue that may arise.

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