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Israel agrees to remove metal detectors at Temple Mount

Israel agrees to remove metal detectors at Temple Mount

The announcement came after days of consultations between Israeli, Jordanian and American officials.

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United States



The US anti-BDS bill may be bad, but not as bad as some critics say

Extreme claims that a proposed law bans boycotts of Israel are untrue, writes a University of California law school lecturer and senior research fellow at the California Constitution Center.

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Israel & Middle East

Famed Israeli singer dies after rescuing his niece from drowning

Amir Fryszer-Guttman, 41, a former boy band star, was at the beach celebrating a year since he learned that he had been misdiagnosed with cancer.

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Documents Show Truman Demanded Israel Withdraw from Areas Taken During the War of Independence

Japanese Government Rejects Article Blaming Stock Market Trouble on Jews

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Three Italian brothers try to find the cave they lived in during the Holocaust

In the new PBS documentary "Shalom Italia," the entertaining Anati brothers retrace a harrowing past — and enjoy delicious food along the way.

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I Gladly Adopted Judaism — But the Food Was Another Story

Halvah and Halwah: What’s The Difference?

The Colorful, Historic ‘Lost Shul Mural’ of Burlington, Vermont

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Life & Culture

This Jewish player won the World Series of Poker’s $8.15 million with a pair of 2’s

Scott Blumstein dominated the final table at poker's most prestigious event, but needed an unlikely card to finally put away his last opponent.

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