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Four times John McCain went maverick with his Jewish friends

Four times John McCain went maverick with his Jewish friends

The senator, diagnosed with cancer, has had a healthy relationship with Jews on Israel, Iran, campaign finance reform and even kashrut.

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French left-wing leader slams president for saying France was responsible for WWII atrocities

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United States

UJA-Federation of New York raises record $238.2 million in centennial year

It marks the fifth constitution year that its annual campaign has raised more money than the previous year.

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Israel & Middle East


How Radiohead got its big break in Israel

In the early to mid-90s, the band struggled to make waves in its native England. In Israel, the group was an instant hit.

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Porno Pix on Highways Cause Accidents

Government of Holland Approves Plan to Settle 30,000 Homeless Jews in Surinam

Ethiopian Jews Appeal to High Court Against Refusal of the Rabbinical Council to Register Them As Jews

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Granddaughter of Holocaust survivors removed Auschwitz relics to use for art project

The 27-year-old Israeli art student took the items for a school project and said she did so in a place where all basic rules had been violated.

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From 70 Faces Media

How to Make Rainbow Falafel

This Jewish Immigrant Olympian Worked in a Chocolate Factory Before Winning Gold

Yes, you can be a feminist and still love ‘The Bachelorette’

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Life & Culture

A new play tells the story of mikvah-peeping rabbi Barry Freundel

A.J. Campbell's "Constructive Fictions" imagines Freundel in a solitary jail cell interacting with apparitions of his female victims.

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