• The Book of Life: Life and death during the High Holidays

    I have looked at the High Holidays very differently the past few years. I have been wondering what has shaped this new outlook and keep coming back to one word: Death. More ▸

  • Obama: Walking on Israel in Chamberlain’s Shoes?

    Neville Chamberlain’s three years (1937-1940) as British Prime Minister earned him infamy in Jewish history… As tension now grows over Iran’s race to develop nuclear weapons, President Obama seeks rapprochement with the Muslim world, including Iran. Can we ask if there are similarities between Obama and Chamberlain? More ▸

  • Fighting Nazism Outside the Movies

    I’ve been reading some of the reviews and stories associated with Quentin Tarrantino’s new flick, “Inglourious Basterds” and have quite mixed feelings. Here is a movie, a fictional movie at that, about WW II, Nazis, and the Holocaust. Apparently this is what it takes for many Jews to see themselves exacting some measure of vengeance… More ▸

  • Nothing Will Hurt Me: Coping with the loss of a neighbor and IDF soldier

    My wife called in the middle of a meeting the other day. I usually take her call in case it’s important. Perhaps, I thought, she needed me to run another errand on the way home. She shared with me the news of a soldier who was killed in a training accident. Uriel Liwerant was a… More ▸

  • Happy Anniversary to Us: Five years after making aliyah to Israel

    This week I celebrate the anniversary of making aliyah in 2004. Five years. I share this anniversary with my wife and children of course, but also some 250 others who boarded a chartered El Al plane organized by Nefesh B’Nefesh, and made aliyah together. I had planned to make aliyah for most of my adult… More ▸

  • Breaking the fast, Sephardi style

    Break-fast menus vary among Sephardim from country to country, but their entrees and side dishes are nourishing, delicious, gentle on empty stomachs and economical. So why just stick with bagels and lox? More ▸

  • Op-Ed: Proposed civil marriage bill in Israel misses mark

    A leader of the Israeli Reform movement argues that proposed Israeli legislation to allow for civil marriage will do nothing to help the vast majority of those unable to wed because of the Chief Rabbinate’s hold on Israeli marriage. More ▸

  • My Friend, My Hero

    There are many kind of heroes. Some are sports and entertainment stars. Some are teachers and other civic leaders. Some are political or military figures. Most can think of one or another person we admire – whether we know them personally or not – who we would say is our hero. As I have grown… More ▸