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The Lifecyclist

  • Those hip, new Conservative Jews

    The Conservative leadership has been wracking its brain to come up with a new image that will attract the next generation of young Jews, those who refuse to be boxed in by outdated labels but who yearn for the authenticity the movement aims to provide. Now the Wall Street Journal has handed it to them… More ▸

  • Pass the popcorn, it’s time for shul

    If you’re looking for free High Holiday services, how about turning on the TV? Shalom TV is telecasting High Holiday services on cable and online the week of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The cable offering is a first for Jewish viewers, according to the company. Growing numbers of non-Orthodox synagogues and other Jewish institutions… More ▸

  • Biking means having to say you’re sorry

    More and more folks are taking Judaism outdoors. My friends Zelig Golden and Julie Wolk in Berkeley, Calif., run Wilderness Torah, which explores Judaism’s earth-based traditions through spiritual camping programs like Sukkot on the Farm and Passover in the Desert. Another friend, Rabbi Mike Comins, who has led Jewish spirituality walks for years, has just… More ▸

  • What’s a (non-Jewish) dad to do?, run by the indefatigable Ed Case out of Boston, offers a wealth of resources for intermarried families looking to make Jewish choices. Two High Holiday essays on the site are particularly noteworthy. As a non-Jewish man married to an Orthodox woman, Birger Stamperdahl isn’t sure of his role during the High Holidays. Before Passover… More ▸