• Friedman must moderate positions

    To the Editor: Thomas Friedman has an obsession that bashing the Israeli government will make it change and listen to what he says or writes. Wake up Friedman: Netanyahu will never be listening to your left-wing suggestions. Why don’t you listen and learn and come more toward the center? You might garner some respect. Stanley… More ▸

  • Terrific Taos

    To the Editor: The article "In a remote New Mexico valley, a Jewish skiing legacy at Taos" was great. I had the article forwarded to me just after I finished booking airfare for a family trip to Taos. My wife is from Taos and knows the Blake family and the mountain very well. Great place… More ▸

  • Shabbat in Samoa

    To the Editor: As a Seventh-day Adventist we have in common with the Jews the keeping of the seventh day for the Shabbat. I understand that in Samoa the change to west of the International Date Line will cause a jump from Thursday to Saturday, so there will be no loss of a Shabbat in… More ▸

  • Rabbi doesn’t perform interfaith ceremonies for CJP

    To the Editor: In a recent article, the JTA inaccurately stated that “Combined Jewish Philanthropies in Boston has hired a gay rabbi as its first interfaith ambassador, a role in which he runs interfaith parenting workshops and presides at interfaith marriages”. He does not preside over interfaith marriages or any other religious ceremonies as part… More ▸

  • Friedman misses the point

    To the Editor: Tom Friedman cannot accept the reality that a strong majority of Americans and an even stronger majority of their elected representatives value the shared priorities, determination and cultural ties we share with Israel. In his desperate effort to change that reality, he creates his own facts, like "bought and paid for" support… More ▸

  • Reform should embrace day schools

    To the Editor: If the Reform movement truly wants to make an impact at the grass-roots level, it should provide active and meaningful support to Reform day schools. While the movement supports Reform camps, it hardly embraces Reform day schools, which some say drains membership from already struggling congregations. Day school families are leaders in… More ▸

  • No clue for Newt

    To the Editor: Is there no dog-do in the world that Newt Gingrich won’t step into? Add his hilarious remarks about the Palestinians being an invented people to his call for young, poor blacks to be hired to clean the toilets in public schools and his habit of dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars on… More ▸

  • Gingrich has it right on Palestinians

    To the Editor: Why all the fuss about what Gingrich said? The "Palestinians" are indeed an invented people, created in 1964 by the PLO Charter. It’s about time some people in positions of responsibility spoke out to burst the Arab propaganda bubble. David Singer Sydney, Australia ************************* Newt Gingrich’s remarks about the Middle East are… More ▸