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  • Marine Le Pen not her father

    To the Editor: My two Jewish second cousins in Nice will be voting for Marine Le Pen. She is NOT her father. Why is it so difficult for intelligent, concerned people to accept this? Myron Ernst Vestal , N.Y. More ▸

  • Offensive lawmaker

    To the Editor: Larry Taylor should not be elected to any public office; he needs to complete his education. The only people who don’t find Jew as a verb offensive are anti-Semites. Murray Aronson West Hollywood, Calif. More ▸

  • On ex-senator’s plea for Pollard

    To the Editor: Re the 18 former senators’ plea for Pollard’s release: Such brave former senators, not having to worry about opinion polls or getting votes! Seth Itzkowitz Chatswood, NSW, Australia More ▸

  • Hungarians were worst murderers

    To the Editor: While Romania did murder many Jews in and outside the country, Hungary had more blood on its hands. Hungary actually holds the record for participating in the fastest mass murder of Jews: During 57 days in the spring and summer of 1944, most of the individuals involved in sending Jewish Hungarians to… More ▸

  • Wolfson was a Scotsman

    To the Editor: The article about Carl Lindner Jr., who died recently, refers to the "English" financier Sir Isaac Wolfson. Wolfson was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, so he was a Glaswegian and a Scotsman. Although he moved to England as a young man, he was still Scottish. Jacqueline Sitwell Ottawa, Canada More ▸

  • Church’s position on covenant

    To the Editor: In his "Op-Ed: Challenges facing the Vatican’s Jewish point man," Rabbi Noam Marans makes a common error when he writes, "That document of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II, 1962-1965) changed the course of Catholic-Jewish history with its revolutionary statements … and affirming the validity of God’s ongoing covenant with the Jewish… More ▸

  • Grapel swap better, but still a disparity

    To the Editor: OK, so 1,000 Palestinians equals one Israeli. Now we find that 25 Egyptians equal one Israeli. While the swap for Ilan Grapel is more reasonable than the one for Gilad Shalit, it shows a disparity that the Muslim Brotherhood may soon take advantage of. Jon Dellinger Lexington, Va. More ▸

  • Drop the labels

    To the Editor: Shame on JTA for using phrases like "neoconservative" and "neocon" to describe pro-Israel organizations and people. These are code words used by Israel haters and anti-Semites to mask their bigotry against Jews and the Jewish state. A "Jewish" news agency should know better than to write to please such audiences. Your story… More ▸

  • Technion-Cornell collaboration

    To the Editor: Regarding the Technion-Cornell collaboration, the article fails to make clear that there remains competition for this project from two or three other very strong academic teams, including Stanford and Columbia. The news is only that the Technion and Cornell agreed to collaborate in submitting a proposal to the City of New York. Terry… More ▸

  • Anti-Semitism overblown

    To the Editor: I was appalled by JTA’s article about alleged anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York. In reference to one of the tiny number of Zionist conspiracy nuts and anti-Semites who have shown up at the protests, JTA writes that "… though the man is one of the few overtly anti-Jewish… More ▸