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  • Israeli capitulation emboldens Hamas

    To the Editor: I don’t like how Israel capitulates to superior demands by the Palestinians. Due to the fact that Israel is painstakingly an examplary democracy, and is a transparently honest and fair nation, Israel continues to agree to demands that no nation on earth could accept. Try as hard as I can, I can… More ▸

  • Tighter Iran sanctions needed

    To the Editor: With the recent Iranian attempted terror plot on U.S. soil, the Iranian government has directly funded terrorism that would target U.S. civilians. The accused Iranian terrorist, according to the indictment, made it clear that the assassination needed to go forward, despite mass casualties of U.S. civilians. The United States must take unconditional… More ▸

  • Be careful on Grapel headlines

    To the Editor: On the headline "New charges levied against accused spy Ilan Grapel," I think a headline like this automatically links Ilan Grapel with being a spy. It is better to have a headline like "Egypt levies new charges against Israeli-American Ilan Grapel." We need to be careful how we phrase things. We are… More ▸

  • Obama goes uncriticized

    To the Editor: Rabbi Arthur Waskow, director of the Shalom Center, told JTA that protesting is a key part of Judaism. “The reason there is a Jewish place in these protests is that there is a protest place in Judaism,” he said. “From the Exodus, from Isaiah, from Jeremiah and all the way down to… More ▸

  • Biden’s Pollard remarks perplexing

    To the Editor: I am stunned that Vice President Biden made the remark “President Obama was considering clemency, but I told him, ‘Over my dead body are we going to let him out before his time.’ ” And he said it to an audience of rabbis and executives from Jewish organizations. This is truly baffling… More ▸

  • Civility campaign protecting debate

    To The Editor: As Jews, we revel in our tradition of debate. That tradition has been threatened by incivility. The JCPA’s civility campaign is dedicated to protecting debate in our increasingly polarized world, not squelching it, as Dr. Stephen Steinlight suggests. Civility is neither the lack of difference nor the silencing of dissent. Fostering civility… More ▸

  • JCPA must practice civility

    To the Editor: The narcolepsy induced by ceaseless politically correct blather at meetings of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the Jewish establishment’s policy arm, has yielded to hyper-vigilance about one issue: Israel. Communal dissension has become so rambunctious that JCPA conducted a yearlong campaign to engender “civility” and urged rabbis to preach it in… More ▸

  • Palestinians need better leaders

    To the Editor: Michael Weil posits that Israel should support statehood for Palestine because the Palestinian leaders in such a state would  have to prove to the world that they can create a stable economy and establish a democracy. This mushy thinking puts the cart before the horse. The Palestinian authorities have a long and… More ▸

  • Stop personal attacks

    To the Editor: Re "Australian lawmakers argue over U.N. vote“: It’s a pity that Michael Danby has resorted to a personal attack in order to cover up his party’s failure to support Israel’s position on the upcoming United Nations vote for Palestinian statehood. His experience in Parliament clearly is no substitute for good judgment.‬ It… More ▸

  • Group’s opinion without merit

    To the Editor: Your Breaking News item headlined "AJC slams pro-Israel group’s attack on Obama" fails to disclose the right-wing bent of this so-called emergency committee. A simple search of the board member reveals their political stance, which is markedly conservative. What makes their pronouncement as to what President Obama should or should not do… More ▸