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  • Gingrich has it right on Palestinians

    To the Editor: Why all the fuss about what Gingrich said? The "Palestinians" are indeed an invented people, created in 1964 by the PLO Charter. It’s about time some people in positions of responsibility spoke out to burst the Arab propaganda bubble. David Singer Sydney, Australia ************************* Newt Gingrich’s remarks about the Middle East are… More ▸

  • On preserving Judaism’s long-term future

    To the Editor: As a kid growing up in Queens, N.Y., I attended a Conservative synagogue. It, too, was a bar mitzvah factory. Once I was bar mitzvahed my observance, such that it was, waned completely. For me, Jewishness was being secular in Israel. But that didn’t last, and neither did my connection. My son,… More ▸

  • Self-hating Hitchens

    To the Editor: We have enough Jews who hate themselves and are too weak to be proud, we don’t need to care about a Christopher Hitchens with his Jewish genes and anti-Jewish rhetoric. The fact that Rabbi Shmuley Boteach can be his friend gives credence to the self-loathing of Jews. Rabbi Schmuley is a perfect… More ▸

  • Needed conversation

    To the Editor: Sorry to say, Israel, but you reacted to our American Jewish anger by wimping out. Yes, you portrayed us as ignorant and foolish. You suggested that we have no ties to our homeland and that our children are growing up in a desert wasteland. No, it was not very nice; in fact… More ▸

  • Ads epitomized disrespect

    To the Editor: Re "Anger over ad campaign missed the point" and "Why are some U.S. Jews so offended by the Israeli ads aimed at expats?" on JTA’s Telegraph blog: I am being told that I am not Jewish if I happen to agree with Mr. Goldberg that these ads are the epitome of disrespect… More ▸

  • Dismay over pulled ads

    To the Editor: Re the furor over Israeli ads aimed at expats: I am dismayed at Israel for pulling the ads and angry at the Jewish Federations of North America for its implications and criticisms. In the 50-plus years that I have known the Jewish Federations, I have yet to observe what it has done… More ▸

  • No reason to kvetch

    To the Editor: Abe Foxman is playing to his base. The only American Jews who should be kvetching about the expat ads are those who feel guilty about not having made aliyah. Howard Brown North Kingstown, R.I. More ▸

  • Weary of liberal journalists

    To the Editor: Re Glenn Beck being honored at the ZOA dinner: I am sick and tired of liberal Jewish journalists demeaning pro-Israel Republicans like Beck, as if support of Israel does not count if the person is pro-life, anti-Obama, etc. It is ironic that many pro-Israel conservatives are demeaned, while anti-Israel Jewish liberals are accepted… More ▸