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  • NGOs bill not undemocratic

    To the Editor: It is difficult for me to associate the denial of foreign funding for a hostile cause in Israel with being undemocratic. Where is the connection to democracy? It reminds me of the Arabs associating everything Israel does as being a violation of human rights. Dr. David Morris Bronx, N.Y. More ▸

  • Foolish fashion

    To the Editor: What some inner circle of self-perceived glitterati call "fashion" couldn’t be worn in Haifa, Beersheba or on any kibbutz or moshav in the land; nor should it be. How supremely silly those clothes look, even on the comely sabras wearing them. Israeli fashion, if there is to be such an entity, should… More ▸

  • High-tech school training haredim

    To the Editor: JTA did not do its homework. For quite a while, The Jerusalem College of Technology has been training haredim as software engineers and other high-tech professions. The all-religious high-tech school of Israel has four colleges, two of which are specifically for haredi Orthodox (one men, one, women), and pioneered training them for… More ▸

  • Mean-spirited commentary

    To the Editor: I find the article on the ZOA dinner to be extremely degrading to those who support ZOA. Mean-spirited commentary by JTA used to describe pro-Israel personalities is an embarrassment. Shimon Stone Quantico, Va.   More ▸

  • Left-wing coverage

    To the Editor: The article on the ZOA dinner was dripping with left-wing venom. Why doesn’t JTA hire more objective writers? Art Cohn Palo Alto, Calif. More ▸

  • Palestinian state a fairy tale

    To the Editor: Re the Op-Ed on Israel should support the Palestinian statehood push: This is like asking whether we should support an independent state in Never Never Land for the poor pirates. Never Never Land is a fairy tale, and so is the State of Palestine. Neither has ever existed. Instead of bleating about… More ▸

  • Gross manipulation

    To the Editor: Re the film equating abortion to the Holocaust: I received an e-mail with this movie attached. As a Jew it literally made me feel sick to my stomach. It was a gross manipulation by fundamentalist Christians to align the atrocity of the Holocaust with the abortion debate while also evangelizing in the… More ▸

  • Jewish Agency must raise own funds

    To the Editor: Israel’s people, in contrast to American Jews, contribute comparatively little to general Jewish NGOs such as the Jewish Agency. Regarding the agency, many of its operations are now a part of the Israeli government. If the Jewish Agency needs to raise funds, it should make a greater effort from sources other than… More ▸