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  • Help Gilad Shalit

    To the Editor: All forms of action are needed to respond to the continued imprisonment of Gilad Shalit. His imprisonment is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. I have filed a criminal complaint with the International Criminal Court specifically requesting an indictment of Ismail Haniyeh, the Palestinians’ prime minister in Gaza. Others may do the… More ▸

  • Lowell Milken was unfairly tainted

    To the Editor: The Breaking News item titled "UCLA faculty member decries $10 million Milken gift gives neither a clear picture of the facts regarding Lowell Milken’s four decades of philanthropy involving the Jewish community in Los Angeles, Israel and around the world, nor the fact that Lynn Stout, a law professor, has leveled insinuations… More ▸

  • Muslims hold sway in Turkey

    To the Editor: Turkey likes to tell everyone it is a secular state when in fact the Muslim faction holds sway in many things, as the decision to suspend defense and trade ties to Israel shows. Just another "false friend." Jon Dellinger Lexington, Ky. More ▸

  • Israel must cease racist campaign

    To the Editor: Re "Christian group launches fight against U.N. vote on Palestinian state": There comes a time when those who truly want peace must recognize the latent separatism that is the product of religion. Nationalism is the willful blindness toward hate crimes committed by one’s country, and morality is very much independent of faith. It… More ▸

  • Foxman blind on Sharia concerns

    To the Editor: Abraham Foxman’s Op-Ed "Shout down the Sharia myth makers" is a piece penned in self-aggrandizing sanctimony and poison toward any American who is concerned that Sharia will infiltrate society and the U.S. justice system and want to prevent that. Foxman does not just call that concern a pernicious conspiracy theory, he accuses… More ▸

  • GOP field helping Obama

    To the Editor: The GOP is on its way to re-electing President Obama, which is frightening. Bachman is unacceptable to most Americans and Perry is a demagogue. I am a lifelong Democrat who now seldom votes that way. In New York, once the hub of the Jewish American population, there are more liberal Democrats who… More ▸

  • Social justice no substitute for Judaism

    To the Editor: Rabbi Eric Yoffie is correct to assert that social justice is valued in Judaism. But is social justice a "Jewish value" when it is not unique to Judaism? One need not be a Jew or practice Judaism to perform social justice. I think that Joel Alperson’s argument is that social justice without… More ▸

  • Odd behavior by archeologists

    To the Editor: In your story about the project in Cologne to excavate the old Jewish quarter of the city and create a museum to exhibit the findings, an assertion regarding the recent dig in the nearby Roman quarter surprised and baffled me: "Archeologists working on the Roman quarter actually threw away Jewish material that… More ▸

  • Family sold kosher food firm

    To the Editor: Re "Orthodox group protests kosher food firm," which highlights a number of ongoing labor disputes between Flaum Appetizing and former employees: As the former owners of Flaum’s Appetizers and members of the Flaum family, we wish to emphasize that effective March 18, 1987, some 24 years ago, Flaum’s Appetizing at 40 Lee… More ▸