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  • Biased tone in AIPAC video

    To the Editor: I am writing to express concern about the JTA video on the AIPAC Policy Conference. (For the record, I will be attending the conference, support AIPAC and encourage members of our congregation to attend the conference.) Ron Kampeas is a journalist whose job includes covering AIPAC, Israel and the Middle East. However,… More ▸

  • Let Hagel’s actions speak

    To the Editor: Senator Hagel was ill advised to make some of his statements, but everything he said questioning both U.S. foreign policy and Israel’s actions don’t make you anti-Semitic. If you look at the pandering by people on the right like Rubio and Romney, their blatant "love" for the Jewish people is so ridiculous… More ▸

  • Prissy view of Oscars

    To the Editor: Peter Dreier is so off base that my opinion of JTA is faltering. This prissy side of liberal mentality is infinitely more offensive to me than any of the jokes that might have made me groan a little. Anyone with a heart could sense that we were all on the same side… More ▸

  • Hagel and anti-Semitism

    To the Editor: Previous letters have correctly noted and decried ex-Senator Hagel’s anti-Semitism but have focused on secondary concerns rather than the core of his mindset. To seize on this or that hostile comment regarding Israel or Israeli policy is besides the point, regardless of how off base they may be. Hagel’s ugly characterizations will… More ▸

  • Cheering Tulane Hillel’s rally

    To the Editor: I was a member of Tulane University Hillel (known as Hillel of New Orleans) from 1975 to 1977. In those days we had a very active Hillel with plenty of programming and many of the campus’ Jewish students participating. I was sorry to hear that Hillel apparently had fallen on bad times,… More ▸

  • On Israel paying rabbis

    To the Editor: Concerning your article about non-Orthodox rabbis receiving salaries from the state, you should be aware that most Orthodox rabbis in Israel do not receive money from the state. I have been an Orthodox rabbi in Israel for nearly 30 years in a very active congregation and have never received money from the… More ▸

  • No need for Obama to visit Israel

    To the Editor: I really don’t see the need for President Obama to go to Israel. There is so much turmoil in the region. This trip just encourages “crazies” to get publicity for their causes. He is a husband and father and should not put his life at risk to make a few Republicans happy…. More ▸

  • Misinformation on Iran’s nukes

    To the Editor: In the item about Obama visiting Israel, there is the usual degree of misinformation regarding Iran’s nuclear program, e.g., your statement that "… Western intelligence agencies have accumulated much evidence that such a weapon is in the development stages." I have read the last two IAEA reports on Iran and the leaks… More ▸

  • Factual but misleading on O.U.

    To the Editor: The headline and lead to the Breaking News item "Orthodox Union, world’s largest kosher certifier, in disarray" may be factual, but they are misleading, to say the least. To be transparent: I am friendly with some of those connected to the O.U.; I am not Orthodox, to say the least; and I… More ▸

  • Party politics on Hagel

    To the Editor: Jewish Democrats have chosen loyalty to party over loyalty to country and fundamental decency. If any Republican had said the things that Hagel said, Democrats like Schumer and Wasserman Schultz would take to the airwaves to call the offender an anti-Semite. That’s what they correctly did with Pat Buchanan. Now the issue… More ▸